Articles and Press

Profile in From the Grapevine  (March, 2016)

Interviewed by Robert Elms, BBC London Radio (August, 2015)

Contemporary Art
Essay on the ‘Digital Readymade’ in CAP magazine. (November, 2012)

Contemporary Art and Cybernetics academic article in Leonardo. (MIT Press, Febuary, 2012)

Article on collecting digital art. (Virtually Real, The Digital Art Revolution, The Unlimited Magazine, Issue 6, 2014)

Essay on cross-gender spectator theory in narrative cinema. (The International Writers Magazine, January, 2009)

Description of the New Kind of Cinema project in Rhizome’s Artbase. (July, 2009)

Reviews of Beyond Contemporary Art can be found in We-Make-Money-Not-Art and The Flaneur

Mind Sports
Interviewed by The Telegraph on organizing the Mind Sports Olympiad. (August, 2012)

Curation of brain teasers for TimeOut magazine. (August, 2014)

Television interview for London Live’s coverage of the Mind Sports Olympiad. (August, 2014)

Interview by Toronto’s The Star on the Mind Sports Olympiad and Diving Chess. (June, 2012)

Radio interview with Jeni Barnett on the BBC’s London’s Biggest Conversation on 94.9 FM. (August, 2011)

Interviewed by the Jewish Chronicle on organizing the Mind Sports Olympiad. (August, 2010)