Deepak Chopra interview

I recently had a great interview with Deepak Chopra after reading his book, Super Brain:

Click image to play Deepak Chopra’s interview with Etan Ilfeld

Deepak emphasizes that the brain is an extraordinary part of ourselves, and that it has a profound influence on our bodies (e.g. a healthy and happy brain improves our immune system and vice versa–our health influences our emotional balance).

When I asked Deepak what was the hardest thing about being a celebrity, he explained that too many people forget that he’s a regular guy and that they project unrealistic characteristics unto him.

Deepak’s long term goals are to catalyze a critical mass of people that advocate a mind-body and spiritual connection. He’s definitely well on his way.

You can listen to the interview here:

Deepak Chopra Interview with Etan Ilfeld

And there will be more content in issue 33 of the Watnkins Mind Body Spirit magazine, which can be bought at Watkins Books.