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Unholy Land

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The 2nd edition of Unholy Land is now available. Part hipster travelogue and featuring short stories and essays, Unholy Land is an irreverent collection from a cache of Israel’s most talented young writers. This alternative guide to Israel features entertaining essays and short stories. I translated Roy “Chicky” Arad’s poem, Israeli Textile, which captures a farcical scene in which the hollowed-out employees of a doomed textile plant in Dimona stage a last-ditch protest.
Topics include the rise of the ubiquitous Sabich sandwich from it’s origins in Iraqi Jewish kitchens to its dominance as a street-food staple.
* Fashion journalist Sahar Shalev ponders Israeli gay men’s love affair with the sleeveless t-shirt.
* Nadia T Boshnak writes about her people – a Muslim minority called the Circassians who live in a small village in the North.
* Sagi Benita gently satirizes the kibbutzim movement while talking about the time when he and his friends were cast as extras in Rambo.
* Ronen Shamir finds the roots of division between an Arab and Jewish neighborhood in the way power lines were laid in the 1920s.
* Actor Rana Werbin captures a slice of life at the Mersand Cafe in Tel Aviv: four friends sipping arak and chatting about bras, colonics, one night stands, and their monotonous jobs.
* The book’s editor, Ithamar Handleman-Smith, has contributed humorous pieces on sexuality, culture, and politics.

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